self-propelled Ploeger machines for seed and sweet corn

Self-propelled Ploeger machines for seed and sweet corn growing are manufactured in the renowned Bourgoin factory in Bournezeau, France. The BD320 self-propelled detasseler and B620 and GR220 corn (grain maize) pickers are developed for European conditions and with the customer in mind. All machines offer the latest level of technology, highest operator comfort and ease-of-use. The CC Pilot touchscreen is linked to the Fleet Command telemetry system which is fitted as standard. Machine location and parameters can be monitored where you want, when you want.


BD320 self-propelled detasseler

For detasseling seed corn (grain maize) the self-propelled Ploeger BD320 is our latest development. This carries a detasseling boom for up to 9 rows. The BD320 uses the same height control system as the larger Oxbo 5180. This means it is capable of handling even the roughest field conditions whilst maintaining a uniform and clean cut and pull action at the highest speed. American company Oxbo has been a pioneer for decades in producing machinery for the hybrid seed corn production. Thanks to its 4-wheel steering it swiftly steers in front of the next row without backing up. The spacious cab is easily accessible and the weight is evenly distributed thanks to its lay-out with the FPT-engine placed at the rear.

B620 seed & sweet corn harvester

Operator comfort, ease of use and a high capacity are the key points of the Bourgoin B620 seed and sweet corn harvester. This improved machine uses the Claas Vista 2 cab which offers the best work place in the industry. All-important parameters are controlled on the 7” colour CC terminal that is connected with the Fleet Command telemetry system. A new fuel efficient Stage V FPT-engine powers the revised hydraulic set-up. A 4 or 6 row corn header is used to harvest the corn cobs. Product handling is improved thanks to increased diameter cleaning fans and a new husking table with rubber husk rollers. The 12m³ hopper capacity is filled gently thanks to the variable-speed filling belt. The tipping and tilting bunker with slat & chain elevator is quickly unloaded without crop damage.

GR220 seed corn harvester

Developed especially for research and multiplication purposes the Bourgoin G220 seed corn harvester was added to the portfolio. This replaces the GR-10 harvester. Thanks to the new centre-mounded cab the operator comfort is improved. The machine is controlled via the CC colour touch screen computer that is coupled to the Fleet Command Telemetry system. The GR220 is powered by a Stage 5 John Deere 4045 engine and features a 5m³ hopper with increased unloading height. Thanks to the rubber belted conveyors and rubber husk rollers the highest quality is guaranteed.