Root Crops

Build on nearly 20 years of experience

In 2004 Ploeger presented the potato industry with their 3 and 4 row self-propelled bunker harvester. The AR-3BX and AR-4BX build on nearly 20 years of experience. Aside from potatoes the machine can quickly be modified to harvest a wide variety of crops ranging from carrots and onions to celeriac and chicory roots.

The Ploeger bunker harvester delivers a clean crop without damage. No matter what the conditions are. The secret behind this is our high sieving capacity and versatile cleaning units. Thanks to a wide variety of cleaning modules the machine is at home on all soil types. Terra Trac suspended rubber tracks allow for a large footprint, resulting in the lowest possible soil pressure. During difficult harvesting conditions these tracks come into their own to and the harvester goes where others have to stop.

Ploeger AR-4BX harvesting potatoes

Reduce your harvesting hours

Thanks to its 3 or 4 row digger unit configuration on both 75 cm (30”) and 90 cm (36”) ridges the bunker harvester is equally at home lifting Russet potatoes in Idaho, seed potatoes in the Dutch polders, starch potatoes in North-Eastern Germany or delicate table potatoes in France. The 14 tonne bunker capacity is the largest in the industry. It is unloaded while harvesting which allows for non-stop digging. This increases the capacity and reduces operating time. The bunker is filled via the product-friendly SoftPocket chain elevator which handles every crop volume. From the industry-leading Claas Vista 2 cab the driver has perfect visibility on to the digging and cleaning process, bunker and unloading elevator. For road transport the cab slides forward for more compact transport dimensions and a better overview.

Cleaning versatility

Three independently controlled sieving webs are used to remove loose soil without damaging the product. A range of cleaning units is available to suit all soil types: Axial (dahlmann) rollers, PSHS-system cross rollers, steep pintle belt, haulm extraction web or a combination of multiple units. Thanks to the optional bypass-web the cleaning intensity can be varied from the cab to immediately adapt the cleaning intensity when field conditions vary.

Harvest multiple crops

The Ploeger bunker harvester offers a solution for farmers and contractors that seek a high capacity without compromising quality. For operators that harvest different crops the AR-4BX is their first choice. Thanks to the quick-attach digger unit the machine can be modified in just 30 minutes. Our harvester is designed for those who demand more and continue where others stop. Harvesting sometimes has to continue in a compressed time window and during arduous conditions. With the AR-3BX and AR-4BX your harvest is secure, no matter what the weather throws at you.

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