Ploeger’s self-propelled container mowers are designed to harvest spinach, leaf vegetables and herbaceous plants.

This wizard mows or strips the product from the ground with unprecedented capacity.

The MKC system has been designed to satisfy the industry’s ultimate demand and offers unprecedented capacity, flexibility and high operational reliability at low cost. There are two different chassis types, the MKC 2TR with a combination of wheels on the front axle and tracks on the rear axle and the full track chassis called the MKC 4TR.

The entire harvesting process can be run continuously by only one person. The harvested product goes via the container straight into the processing line: efficient, fresh, safe and hygienic.

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From the 1st of July, 2020 onward the company name PMC Harvesters Limited will be changed to Ploeger UK Limited. At the same time the PMC products will be branded as Ploeger as of model year 2021.

The PMC 1189 will be named: Ploeger GP1189
The PMC GB7150 will be named: Ploeger GB7150

Please note that your contacts here in the company will remain the same. Banking details; VAT number and contact phone numbers will also remain as is. The new company and brand name will naturally be reflected on all company stationary, media and merchandise. The former PMC branded products will be incorporated on the Ploeger website and all email addresses will have the domain ploeger.com.

We remain committed to provide your machinery needs with exemplary service levels and efficient spare parts back up, both now and in the future as we continue to grow our business.

If you have any questions regarding this name change then please do not hesitate to get in touch with your regular contact for any additional information.

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