Self-propelled pea harvester

Key Features
Claas Vista driving cab Improved comfort for the operator and all operating controls within reach
picking header New picking header design: for better crop uptake
Claas tracks NEW OPTION: Suspended front axle in combination with Claas tracks 735 mm
Efficient unloading Efficient logistics and high capacity through unloading of the peas while driving


Maximum yield

Efficient and problem-free harvesting with maximum yield. That’s what it’s about. Maximum capacity, optimum harvest yield, low maintenance costs and low depreciation. Our aim is to achieve the optimum in these.

The EPD540e is a self-propelled machine for the plucking and hulling of peas, broad beans, kidney beans and flageolets in all field and weather conditions.


As a remote monitoring system FLEETCOMMAND will help companies to stay on top of the operation of their fleet, both from a technical perspective as from a operational perspective with this job based data system. As the machine sends data to a server, authorized people can access this data and monitor the machines.

From a technical perspective by monitoring alarms and events and looking directly into technical parameters on the machine. From an operational perspective it can be used to monitor progress on current jobs, or to analyze efficiencies over different jobs or a whole season. We are looking forward to interesting new developments in FLEETCOMMAND over the coming season!


Especially in a situation where multiple harvesters are working the same field, there is a need for remote control over the machine
settings. With the FIELDCOMMAND app installed on your phone or tablet you can easily connect to the machine by wifi connection
and monitor machines settings as well as change these settings. This functionality enables field managers to come to the right settings without disturbing the operation of the machine.

Make every pea count

The four-drum threshing system has been adapted by replacing a main beater for an auger (3). The new system ensures a faster distribution of the crop over the full length of the threshing drum, bringing the use of the sieving surface to a higher level. The new system reduces damage to the product and increases capacity, depending on the crop.

The large main beater (1), equipped with nylon coated threshing blades,
eliminates possible damage by rubbing the pods in small portions against the sieves of the threshing drum. The crop is distributed by the large main beater (1) and 1st stripper (2) – a second rubbing – on the 2nd stripper (4) to the other side of the threshing drum against the sieves. Back to the large main beater (1), the crop is brought to the special auger (3), guaranteeing an optimum spreading of the product through the entire threshing drum.

The straw leaves the machine at the rear. The product sieved by the threshing drum is cleaned by two slanting carpets mounted under the full length of the threshing drum. The peas roll off the sloping carpets onto the 650 mm wide central conveyor belt (5) and are transported to the following cleaning phase.

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