Self propelled green bean harvester

cabin The climate controlled Vista II Claas cabin, with CCTV camera system, allows ex cellent all round visibility and operator comfort. The HVSt (Harvest Vision – touch), with 12” touch-screen monitor, is the latest gener ation of the proven Ploeger Harvest Vision System, developed to provide monitoring and control over key features of the harvester.
Rubber mounted Plants are presented to the rubber mounted picking tines by the plant aligning brushes. An optional plant aligning belt is available to replace the brushes.
high capacity hopper The high capacity hopper has variable discharge height. Beans are discharged from the hopper by the plastic interlocking conveyor for gentle unloading.
articulated frame The articulated frame enables the machine to operate in areas of limited access and minimises unharvested crop as the rear wheels follow the path of the front wheels. The crab steering feature on the front wheels maximises clearance between the wheels and the unharvested crop in ad-verse conditions.


Harvesting of green beans and soya beans

The Ploeger GB7150 has been specifically designed for the harvesting of green beans and soya beans. A well proven concept the machine continues to evolve, incorporating continuous design improvements for better performance and reduced maintenance.

Suitable for both processing and fresh market produce the GB7150 offers a gentle unloading system with its high capacity variable height discharge hopper and optional plastic interlock conveyor. The harvester is a four-wheel hydrostatic drive machine powered by a liquid cooled turbo charged intercooled engine. Unharvested crop damage is kept to a minimum by the path of the articulated frame, which enables the machine to work in small areas, and also by the crab steering on the front wheels which maximises clearance between the wheels and crop. The Claas Vista climate controlled cabin allows excellent all round visibility and operator comfort, complete with the latest HVSt touch screen electronic monitoring and control system.

The GB7150 can also be adapted to harvest other crops such as spinach.

Principle of operation

Brushes and rollers, at the front of the picking head present the bean plants head first to the rotating Picking Reel (2) The tines of the Picking Reel then strip the beans and some leaves from the plant and throw them on to the full width Main Feed Elevator (3). As the crop moves up the Feed Elevator it  passes under the rotating Plant Extractor Reel (4). The steel tines of the Plant Extractor Reel move through the crop and remove plant stalks and beans that are in clusters. These are then placed on the Plant Extractor Conveyor (5), which moves the waste material to the left of the vehicle and deposits back in the field. From the top of the Main Feed Elevator the crop is conveyed onto the Transfer Elevator (6). The crop then falls from the top of the Transfer Elevator onto the two Cross Conveyors (7). As the crop is falling from the Transfer Elevator it passes through an air stream created by the two Blower Fans (8) and the four Extractor Fans (9) . The powerful airflow separates any remaining waste from the beans and deposits it back on the field via the air ducts (10) on the rear corners of the front chassis section. An additional pinned decluster belt in the rear of the cleaning chamber lifts clusters to within reach of the four extractor fans. The cleaned crop then drops onto the two Cross Conveyors and is then transferred to the central Hopper Elevator (11) . The Hopper Elevator transports the beans to the Hopper (12) that is located on the rear chassis section. The Hopper is equipped with either a moving floor (13) or moving bars to control the unloading of the beans.

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