Corn Harvester

Key Features
Convenient pull-type harvester: The CP100 provides gentle harvesting in a one-row tractor drawn model. Picking hundreds of cases of quality sweet corn is as easy as starting your tractor.
Hand picked action: Ears are gently “pulled” off stalks, imitating hand picking action, and are dropped a short distance to a soft rubber conveyor, eliminating mechanical damage.
Gentle handling: No aggressive stalk rolls. Just gentle rubber belts to grip the stalks, and two hydraulically driven rollers to gently pull the ears off the stalks.
Loading versatility: Load to the left, right, or rear, the choice is yours! A full 180 degrees of rotation on the conveyor makes harvest quick and easy.


Fresh market sweet corn harvester

Since its introduction in 1994, the Oxbo CP100  has made it possible for fresh market growers to deliver mechanically harvested, top quality sweet corn for supermarket and road-side sales.

The CP100 provides its gentle harvesting technique in a one-row, tractor drawn model.

High volume picking capacity

• The CP100 allows you to deliver a steady supply of damage-free fresh market sweet corn as you need it

• The CP100 can pick at a rate of up to 600 dozen ears or more per hour

• Easily delivers hundreds of cases of sweet corn on a moment’s notice with no picking crew  to worry about

• Fast payback from reduced labor costs

• Fast, high volume picking while maintaining the appealing dark green color and the long shank

Delivers premium quality

• The CP100 Corn Puller utilizes a gentle pulling action that imitates hand picking

• Virtually eliminates damage

• Retains all outer flag leaves, all the way down to the end of the shank

• No aggressive stalk rolls, stop plates, or blades to damage delicate sweet corn

• Stalks are gripped at the top by rubber belts and are severed near the ground by rotating blades

• Two hydraulically driven rollers gently pull ears off the stalk

• Take advantage of the productivity of mechanical harvesting without sacrificing sweet corn quality

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