The towed merger

The CM2240 has the same pickup elements as the self-propelled version, i.e. two five-metre pickups, and together with the centre delivery unit can merge a 11.80-metre width into a single swath. The two pickups can be adjusted independently of each other and as such provide for a flexible swath working width. This applies to centre as well as side delivery.

The machine is operated using a 7” touch screen display unit, combined with a joystick for functions at the headland. As an available option, the machine can also be operated from the tractor’s operating unit using an ISOBUS plug. The machine is equipped with an electrically hydraulically driven rear axle with 600-mm-wide grassland tyres. The rear axle is automatically path-tracking with manual override using the joystick, for example for corners. During road transport, the machine stays within three metres, with the pickup elements folded up horizontally. The machine is available with air or hydraulically operated brakes.

The Ploeger mergers have a small diameter pickup without cam track and with dragging instead of fixed tines. Together with a double swath roller in front of the pickup and a conveyor rotor above the pickup, the machines are perfectly capable of cleanly raking harvested fields with the least amount of crude ash. Effective ground tracking is achieved through means of the flexible pickup and the swinging pickup elements.

The machine is available starting in the spring of 2021.

CM2240 events

Tarmstedter Ausstellung

Trade shows

Wilstedter Str. 2
27412 Tarmstedt
From 08 July 2022
Till 11 July 2022

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