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Key features
LOWEST FUEL CONSUMPTION The combination of optimal balance between the CVT transmission and diesel engine and drivetrain results in the lowest fuel consumption in the industry, whilst maintaining performance under all circumstances.
Cabin The operator enjoys every comfort in the spacious and luxurious Claas Vista 2 driving cab. The innovative combination of hydraulic and pneumatic suspension creates an extremely pleasant driving experience.
INTELLIGENT STEERING Excellent maneuverability is achieved with the all-wheel steering concept. To minimise the soil impact, the machine has an automated crab-steering modus with integrated hitch steering.
MECHANICAL DRIVE To ensure traction under all circumstances, the machine is equipped with permanent, mechanical all-wheel drive. With a perfectly balanced drivetrain, the machine provides maximum traction when needed, and a low fuel consumption when possible.

Get in and drive off. That is how the operation was designed. A series of preset values can be selected on the intuitive pilot screen. There is also a convenient selector wheel with which ten functions can be adjusted simply. Examples are switching ECO mode on and off, cruise control, maximum speed, the tractive power setting of the front wheel and a number of functions specific to the superstructure. While working in the field, the operator can operate all functions using the switches and buttons on the well-organised dashboard.

Chassis The chassis consists of a single unit made from cut and bent sheets which are then welded together in a tube assembly. The chassis requires no further welding, because the add-on parts for the various superstructures can be fitted on the same chassis.
Cooling The cooling packages fitted close to the place where they should be, engine and intercooler conveniently located at the front. The hydraulic system and gearbox coolers on the side, both with a reversible fan for the harshest temperatures and conditions.
Wide range of tire options The AT5104 can be fitted with a large range of tires, suited for your conditions: Standard: 1000/65 R32 (2,11m height) Optional: 900/60 R42, 1250/50 R32 or 1050/50R32

Ploeger AT5104 in action on grassland


22 m3 polyester tank

A lightweight but sturdy design, with integrated slosh baffles and laminated piping. The tank level can be controlled via the pilot screen, so that the most efficient cycle times can be achieved and unnecessary driving on the field is avoided.


The 8” loading arm is fitted next to the driving cab, with a reach of 160 degrees. The loading arm can be operated easily with the joystick and can load between 2.75 metres
deep and 4.5 metres high. When the valve is closed, the suction arm is sucked empty.


To achieve the best possible slurry flow, the large diameter piping on the machine has a minimum of bends, and the standard 9m3 Börger pump is placed under an angle. The Vogelsang cutter is placed in front of the pump, to prevent damage and to optimize the flow. Optionally a 12 m3 pump can be fitted for high application rates.


To achieve a high loading capacity, the machine can be equipped with the SuperLoad system. This combination of a centrifugal pump in the loading arm and the standard lobe pump, and a unique by-pass system. When the slurry specifications change, the system can be easily adjusted via the Pilot Screen.


Different precision farming systems can be linked to the LNMS system. Both variable application, based on prescription maps and NIRS technology can be integrated on the machine. A perfect integration of the precision farming systems and the Ploeger electronics ensure a precise application under all circumstances.

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