Potato harvesters

Key Features
CONTINIOUS DIGGING The high capacity bunker (14 tonne) is key for a efficient harvest operation. The bunker has enough capacity to quickly fill a truck and buffer for the next truck to reach the unloading arm. Because the machine can unload during harvest operation it allows ‘continuous digging’, saving time and increasing the overall capacity of the harvest operation.
Softpocket elevator The unique design of the SoftPocket elevator combines capacity with product-friendly handling. The elevator chain runs slowly because of the high capacity of each transport bag. The double toothed belts with unequal running speed create a unique concept for filling and discharging the transport bags. The product is ‘laid down’ on the next conveyor belt.
Claas track assembly All potato harvesters are standard equipped with Claas 890 mm wide tracks and wide drive and idler wheels. It ensures reliablity under the most severe weather and field conditions. The harvester goes where others can’t.
Simple operation and comfort The driving cab has a road and field position, so the operator has a perfect view at all times.



The Ploeger self-propelled 3- or 4-row bunker harvester was designed focusing on the clients’ demands: harvesting potatoes without compromise.

This machine exceeds in total sieving area: with the chassis on the outside of the sieving webs the flow of potatoes is free of obstacles, with no narrowing. Due to the variety of possible cleaning modules, it enables you to compile a harvester which fits your demands. The industry leading hopper capacity enables you to organize logistics more efficiently. Low transport speeds combined with the lowest possible drops and the unique SOFTPOCKET elevator guarantee a very friendly handling of the potatoes.

Compilation of our range of root crops machinery

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