Blueberry harvester

Key Features
HIGH FRUIT RENTENTION Oxbo harvesters are available with two different catcher spacings for optimum fruit retention across crop types. For blueberry harvest, Oxbo offers an ultra-low loss catcher system which has proven to retain the most fruit. For raspberries, Oxbo offers a lower density catcher system design to retain fruit while protecting young primacanes. Oxbo catchers are made from a durable lexan material and use gentle springs to quickly close around the plants.
ORBIROTOR® SYSTEM Pioneered by Oxbo and available on every model, the multi-crop Orbirotor picking system uses an orbital shaking pattern and 5/8-inch acetyl rods. This picking system is easily adjustable to meet a wide range of picking requirements. As a free floating head, the Orbirotor moves with the plant and delivers a selective picking action—shaking off the ripe fruit and leaving the unripe fruit undamaged for the next pick. The Orbirotor is the most selective head on the market!
DYNAROTOR® SYSTEM Some crops or field conditions require a more aggressive picking head. The Dynarotor uses a horizontal shaking action and stiffer 3/8 inch fiberglass rods. A quick and easy stroke adjustment method allows growers to easily adjust how aggressive or selective they wish to pick. Available on the 7440, 8140, 8040 and 930, the free-floating Dynarotor moves with the plants and delivers consistent harvesting performance.


Blueberry harvester

This single drop harvester gently conveys fruit through a cleaning system on the back of the machine. The open design provides the driver excellent visibility and its nimble, three-wheel design offers superior turning.


• Single drop

• Optional extended rear deck

• Integrated harvester control system

• Optional auto-steer

• Optional side guard lower belting

• Three wheel design for optimum field maneuverability

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