Olive Harvester

Key Features
Center mounted cab Air conditioned cab sits directly over the picking tunnel. The cab placement gives the operator a clear view of the canopy, enabling better performance and better visibility.
Transport mode Allows for maximum tunnel size. The cab slides down and cleaning fans flip down for easy transport.
Steering lights and auto steer Help the operator stay centered on the trunk to improve crop retention. Optional auto steer can be added for additional trunk following.
Nylon catcher system Long-lasting catchers with soft spring closures, proven effective in catching all crop types with minimal trunk impact.
Unique three fan cleaning system Removes debris through crop transition points. Leaves and debris are easily removed from the crop stream.
Bucket conveyance system Reliable and high capacity buckets to convey the crop.
Full-length picking system Rods can be added, removed, or adjusted based on your picking needs.
Multi-crop capability Ability to harvest a variety of crops including grapes, olives, almonds and other SHD plantings.


The 6430 is the next generation in super-high density crop harvesting. Re-powered and featuring an economical Tier IV engine, the new 6430 offers a flexible design, capable of harvesting a wide variety of hedge-row crops.

In developing the original 6430 harvester, Oxbo worked closely with the olive industry to design a harvester to meet their unique needs. Oxbo was the first company to develop a ground-up, over-the-row harvester specifically to address the needs of SHD olive growers. Since its introduction in 2010, the Oxbo olive harvester has set the standard in full-sized, bow rod harvesters.

in-field productivity

• Low-mounted engine for easy service from the ground

• Low-mounted fuel and hydraulic tanks add to a low center of gravity

NEW! The 6430 now offers both a standard and high performance ground drive option. The high performance option gives additional ability in steep grades

• Fully customizable. Configurations include combinations with right OTRC (over-the-row-conveyor), a left recycle bin, single or dual storage tanks

NEW! The 6430 can be customized with different picking systems to meet your tree size and maturity:

-large tree kit with unprecedented tunnel space for full-sized trees, young, conventional almonds and full-sized SHD almond plantings

-narrow head kit to pick everything from grapes to full-sized olive trees

-purchase both kits for additional crop versatility

Large picking tunnel (108 – 138 inch)
All-wheel hydrostatic drive system

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From the 1st of July, 2020 onward the company name PMC Harvesters Limited will be changed to Ploeger UK Limited. At the same time the PMC products will be branded as Ploeger as of model year 2021.

The PMC 1189 will be named: Ploeger GP1189
The PMC GB7150 will be named: Ploeger GB7150

Please note that your contacts here in the company will remain the same. Banking details; VAT number and contact phone numbers will also remain as is. The new company and brand name will naturally be reflected on all company stationary, media and merchandise. The former PMC branded products will be incorporated on the Ploeger website and all email addresses will have the domain ploeger.com.

We remain committed to provide your machinery needs with exemplary service levels and efficient spare parts back up, both now and in the future as we continue to grow our business.

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