Oxbo 35 Series Dump Carts

With over 50 years of vegetable harvesting experience, Oxbo understands your need to get your valuable crops from the field quickly and efficiently.

Backed by Oxbo’s three decades of experience proving industry leading dump carts, the new Oxbo 35 series delivers unprecedented durability and increased flexibility in its design. Made to reliably cycle thousands of times, Oxbo dump carts load low and dump high.

Variable dump pivot height

Lift only as high as necessary to transfer the load

3-inch pivot pins

Robust and stable design

Modular, welded box

Easily replace segments without cutting or welding for long life and increased durability

Modular flared extension design

Fit the product box to specific harvesting needs

High flotation large diameter tires

Deliver less ground compaction

Select 120-inch wheel centers or 3.5 meter overall width

Deliver less ground compaction

50” thickness steel main frame

Built to deliver consistent, dependable performance in tough field conditions

Easily adjustable hitch/pole overall length

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