Multi crop harvester

Key Features
Easy access DEF tank Convenient location allows for easy fills from ground level
Powerful twin fans Adjust in the cab to provide you the cleanest loads with less debris in the plant
FleetCommanD telematics Optional remote fleet monitoring of machine functions, maintenance and improved service. Screens show maintenance reports, functions, GPS location and many more.
Options that matter Powered mirrors and LED lighting kit make it easier to see and be seen. Cameras provide a clear in-cab view of the box and rear bumper.


Multi crop harvester

With over a quarter of a century of experience with  the industry leading Super Jack, Oxbo specifically developed the 2570 as a next generation multi-crop harvester with increased productivity, performance, reliability, operator comfort, and control. The Oxbo 2570 represents a new level of efficiency for green bean, sweet and seed corn, and other specialty vegetable harvesting operations. The 2570 was designed to give you the performance your conditions demand: getting your crop in when it is ready, regardless of field conditions

Performance when it counts

• Four-wheel mechanical drive train for peak performance, even in extremely muddy conditions

• 240 gallon fuel tank: The 2475 can run a full 24 hours, at capacity, without stopping to refuel

• Up to six tons of beans per hour harvest capacity

Driving your productivity

• Hydraulics designed by Certified Fluid Power. Engineers give you increased life span, maximum efficiency

• High capacity cooling to safeguard the systems, even in high temperature harvest conditions

• Transmission protected from driver error to reduce costly downtime

Innovation to move you forward

• Plus+1 microcontroller and monitoring system gives the operator instant feedback on each harvester system

• FleetCommand telematics to allow remote monitoring of fleets from your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Optional hitch Heavy duty hitch available for pulling trailers
Spacious and quiet cab Comfortable cab with panoramic view and training seat. All controls are within easy reach
Powerful reversing fan Standard feature to keep debris off the cooling package for maximum airflow
FPT Tier 4F Updated engine package meets emission standards without sacrificing HP

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