Ploeger looks back on successful Profi Slurry Days

Well over 500 professional attendants visited the Profi Gülle Tage (Profi Slurry Days) held between 15 and 19 November in Twist, Germany. The novel event allowed visitors to view the complete line-up of Ploeger AT self-propelled nutrient applicators and belt mergers.

Without Agritechnica taking place at its traditional timeslot the Ploeger team decided to take matters into their own hands and organise a 5 day get-together for industry professionals on the premises of German dealership Engbers Söhne in Twist, near the Dutch border. Co-operating in the event were Veenhuis – with their trailed slurry tankers and injectors – and Bomech. The latter was premiering their all-new 24 metre wide trailing shoe injector, which folds down to a transport width of less than 3m.

Quality visitors

Product sales manager Dorus van Esch is pleased with the number of attendants that visited the first event. “We received some very good feedback and had a changing number of visitors throughout the week. During shows such as Agritechnica you receive a broad range of visitors, who are often just passing by. This time they were all dedicated in seeing our line-up which resulted in a lot of good quality conversations.” The event was held during the same week when competitor manufacturers were also showing their equipment at locations in the same area. This made it all the more worthwhile for visitors from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to make the journey.

Interest in precision application

“With the current fertiliser prices the interest in precision nutrient application technology is strongly increasing”, says AT-Line product specialist Stefan Wesselink. “Contractors are anticipating on increased demand in both Germany and the Netherlands from arable farmers. Due to new regulation, slurry has to be incorporated which means a shift towards self-propelled applicators to carry out this task. There is a group of forerunners that have already invested in new equipment. A larger group of contractors are currently orientating in upgrading their equipment.”

AT5104 draws a crowd

For many visitors it was their first chance at seeing the all new AT5104 LNMS in the flesh. Van Esch and his colleagues received a lot of positive replies about the new 4-wheeled model. “Visitors were surprised it wasn’t a prototype but almost the finished product, despite being the first one build. We had a lot of good conversations with potential customers that are interested in the machine.”

Ploeger, Veenhuis and Bomech look back with satisfaction on the Profi Gülle Days. All Covid-rules were strictly followed and visitors had to register prior to visiting the event. An official evaluation has yet to take place but it is likely that a similarly set up event will follow in the future when regular shows cannot take place.

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