revolutionizing the forage harvesting world

Ploeger revolutionized the forage harvesting world in 2019 when it launched the self-propelled Merger. A unique machine on the European continent. The CM4240 combines an unmatched raking capacity with the ultimate operator comfort and ease of use. For season 2022 the all-new trailed range of Merger belt rakes will be available. The pull-type CM2240 uses the same patented and crop quality enhancing techniques as the self-propelled CM4240.


For all conditions

Traditionally, rotary rakes are used to swath forage such as grass silage. Belt mergers were mainly used to harvest sensitive crops such as lucerne (alfalfa). Thanks to new developments – such as a flexible and contour following pick-up – the Ploeger Merger can handle even the toughest conditions. Raking specialists know first-hand that sticky and sugar-rich grass, high protein silage or dry and low volume hay-like crops all have their unique challenges. The Merger offers unpreceded advantages over traditional rakes to swath these crops with a minimum of crop loss and with the highest possible capacity.

Improved silage quality

Decreasing the ash content of the fodder increases the milk yield and decreases the need for mineral supplements. A low ash content in the fodder enhances fermentation in the dairy cows rumen and thus increases the milk yield. As many studies have showed a low ash content has a direct positive impact on the milk yield, resulting in a higher financial result on your farm. Avoiding crop contamination is vitally important. Because the crop isn’t travelled on there is less contamination and less-aggressive machine settings can be used to merge the fodder. Even when the trailed Merger is used this advantage is still evident. A pick-up does not drag the crop over the ground. It is picked up from the ground and deposited in a fluffy and uniform swath. Sensitive crops such as clovers and lucerne (alfalfa) don’t lose their protein-rich leaves. Crop waste is kept to an absolute minimum which ultimately improves the nutritional value of the silage crop.

Versatility and capacity

The self-propelled and trailed Merger offer a higher versatility compared to rotary rakes. The swath can be formed on either side of the machine, in the middle or in pairs. When a low volume crop is merged 2 swaths can be put together to increase harvesting capacity. This versatility results in a swath distance from 6 up to 30 metres. A voluminous and evenly formed windrow increases the capacity of the following machine. Whether you are chopping, baling or using a loader wagon, the advantage is evident. A uniform swath size reduces fuel usage, machine wear and harvesting time. Because foreign objects such as stones aren’t picked up by the pick-up, less down-time and a higher capacity are guaranteed. For road transport all Merger models fold down to a transport width of less than 3 metres and transport height below 4 metres. Moving between fields is done fast and efficiently.