Dutch manure injector AT 4103 gives demo in Denmark

In 2021, plows can look forward to sending two of the new 26 cubic meters of self-propelled slurry injector to Denmark.

After Agco-owned TerraGator in the Netherlands stopped production of the self-propelled slurry injector in 2014, it would be two years before the Dutch manufacturer of self-propelled pick-up technology, Ploeger, signed up and was ready to pick up the legacy of TerraGator. In fact, Ploeger employed a whole team of former engineers and technicians from the former TerraGator, and at Agritechnica 2017 they were ready with the first three-wheel self-propelled slurry unit of 16 cubic meters, which already came to Denmark the following year. The model name was AT 4103.

Read the whole article on www.maskinbladet.dk

The article also contains a nice video where Dorus van Esch explains this demo.

Demo AT 4103 in Denmark

Read whole article and view the demo video

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