the broadest line of berry harvesters on the market

The Oxbo-line of berry harvesters can trace its history back for over 50 years. All machines are produced in Lynden, Washington, with great pride. This Oxbo legacy can be found in every berry harvester from the trailed 930 up to the 7440 and 8040 self-propelled machines. Oxbo offers the broadest line of berry harvesters on the market for raspberries and blueberries. All machines are supported by an extensive dealer network, readily available spare parts and in-field service worldwide. We continuously strive to improve our models and do so with our drive to innovate together with our customers and dealerships. Together we build new solutions.


Orbirotor® system

Oxbo berry harvesters set the standard in the industry. They deliver cleaner fruit with less crop loss and without sacrificing productivity. This all starts with the picking system. The 930, 7440 and 8440 all use the unique Orbirotor® system. This rotor uses an orbital shaking action with 5/8 inch (15.8 mm) acetyl rods that are easily adjustable to meet a wide range of picking requirements. The free-floating head gently and selectively shakes the berries from the bush. This means you are able to get in to the field sooner compared to other shaking systems on the market. When more aggressive picking is required the Dynarotor® system is available. This uses stiffer and thicker fiberglass rods.

Fruit retention system

All Oxbo blueberry and raspberry harvesters use high density and low loss catchers to retain more fruit than any other catching system on the market. The blueberry harvesters use 43/4 inch (120.65 mm) spaced catchers. Raspberry harvesters uses 6 inch (152 mm) catchers to protect young primocanes. Thanks to gentle but effective springs the catchers close quickly around the plant. They are made of durable materials for a grater longevity.

The right machine for your farm

There is always a machine available to suit your needs. The trailed 930 can be used with tractors from 30 hp with a 540 rpm PTO. It offers many of the features that are also found on the larger self-propelled machines, but in an economical configuration. The nimble three-wheel 8040 offers maximum manoeuvrability, single drop and gently crop cleaning. The 7440 has an overall width of 3 metres (10 ft) and 150 cm (60”) harvesting tunnel. Thanks to the Eco-Mode fuel savings of up to 50% are possible.