A full range of self-propelled applicators

The full line of manure application machinery from Ploeger builds on a legacy that was started by TerraGator nearly 60 years ago. Ploeger offers a full range of self-propelled applicators in a 3 (AT4103), 4 (AT5104) or 5 (AT5105) wheel configuration. Interchangeable bodies mean that the machines can be used for a wide variety of tasks, spreading both liquid or dry solid fertilisers such as slurry, digestate, muck, compost, lime and more. All Ploeger AT machines are renowned for their fuel saving CVT transmission, mechanical drive line, luxurious cab and intuitive driver controls.

A picture showing the full line of manure application machinery from Ploeger

Every hour counts

The AT self-propelled applicators are aimed towards large scale farmers and contractors. Whether you are looking for maximum versatility, the highest capacity or largest manoeuvrability the AT-range offers it all. Applying liquid and solid fertilisers has to be carried out in an increasingly narrow time schedule. Every hour counts during the busy periods of year. The AT never lets you down and helps you achieve the highest capacity, best drivers comfort and lowest cost per cubic metre or tonne of product applied. Downtime is kept to an absolute minimum with excellent service back-up, a large worldwide dealer network and perfect availability of spare parts. Thanks to the different wheel configurations and large flotation tyres soil compaction is kept to a minimum, even when conditions are precarious.

Industry-beating fuel efficiency

All AT models feature the comfortable and luxurious Claas Vista 2 cab with an excellent all-round visibility. This enjoyable work place is enhanced by the innovative combination of hydraulic and pneumatic cab suspension to create an unbeatable driving experience. Scania engines with SCR-technology coupled to our unique CVT transmission result in the lowest fuel consumption in the industry. The rear axles are mechanically driven whilst the front wheel is hydraulically driven to allow for the tightest possible turning circle. The machine is supplied with Michelin 1050 tyres as standard. Maximum transport width of the machinery varies between 3 m and 3.35 m meaning they can drive on all European roads without additional means required.

Discover the full line of manure application machinery from Ploeger

Get an in depth look at our AT-line with the Walkaround video's

Walkaround Ploeger AT4103 LNMS

Ploeger machine AT5105 LNMS

Ploeger AT5104

Ploeger four-wheeler in action!

Ploeger four-wheeler in action on grassland!