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The full line of manure application machinery from Ploeger builds on a legacy that was started by TerraGator nearly 60 years ago. Ploeger offers a full range of self-propelled applicators in a 3 (AT4103)4 (AT5104) or 5 (AT5105) wheel configuration. Interchangeable bodies mean that the machines can be used for a wide variety of tasks, spreading both liquid or dry solid fertilisers such as slurry, digestate, muck, compost, lime and more. All Ploeger AT machines are renowned for their fuel saving CVT transmission, mechanical drive line, luxurious cab and intuitive driver controls.

AT stands for Application Terra, a combination of the most efficient application of nutrients, combined with the greatest care for your precious soil. To utilize the full potential of the growing season, we have to deal with short application windows, and that requires special machinery. As with all farming activities, balance is the key to achieve the best possible results. For our AT-series that means a perfect balance between working speed, maneuverability, and accurate application. What can our AT-series bring to your operation?

High Driver Comfort

To maximize the efficiency during the available application windows, the driver should be in control at all times, to ensure a balanced operation. The Ploeger AT-series are equipped with a Claas Vista 2 cab with hydro-pneumatic suspension. Most of the application processes are completely automated and integrated with the on-board precision farming systems. When adjustments are needed, they can be done using the joystick, or simply with the one-button control system. This eliminates the need to use the touch screen for advanced settings during field operations. Together with the clear view to all directions, the operator center provides all the needs for fatigue free, long working days.

Simple, easy-to-use and a super working environment!

Onboard precision

Drive Train

Balanced power and traction

Accurate application and utilizing the available weather windows is not about the highest engine power, torque or speed. It is all about balance. Achieving the necessary traction or working speed, is only possible with a perfect collaboration between engine, transmission, axles and wheels. Our engineers have approached this concept as a whole, resulting in the balance the machine needs. This provides you with a machine, which provides full control in all circumstances. You can trust on the traction when needed, regardless if you leave from standstill, climbing uphill or when approaching a wet spot. A Ploeger AT-series will not hesitate but keeps working for you.

Mechanical driven axles

  • Heavy duty axles for high permittable loads
  • Permanent all-wheel drive directly from CVT gearbox
  • Optimal gear ratio for high torque transmission
  • Steerable axles easily handle heavy load carrying without sacrificing power or maneuverability




  • Continuous variable gear ratio for maximum power transmission
  • 100% mechanical drive in the main application speed ranges
  • Perfect integration with the Scania engine software:
    • Full traction when needed
    • Fuel saving when possible

Scania industrial engine

  • Low fuel consumption
  • High output torque, up to 2.500 Nm
  • Turbocharger and intercooler
  • Stage V compliant
  • 5 cylinder, 400 HP – AT 4103
  • 6 cylinder, 550 HP – AT 5104, AT5105

Capacity and functionality

The AT-series are designed and built for their purpose; accurate application with a high capacity. This requires a rigid machine with a strong chassis, combined with maximum maneuverability. Intelligent steering systems, and wheels with the same diameter on all axles deliver this maneuverability. The chassis is designed with the latest insights in material strength, and can endure the highest peak loads, regardless of the chosen applicator option. For the cooling of the machine components, we rely on years of experience with our vegetable harvesters, so that cooling in even the harshest conditions is ensured.


  • Large and same diameter wheels for a gentle footprint
  • Short turning radius thanks to steering axles
  • Adjustable front wheel drive on 3- and 5 wheel versions
  • Active steering systems for minimal soil impact

Gentle footprint

The AT-series are standard equipped with large flotation tires, with a wide range of optional tire configurations that suit the needs for your situation. Optionally, the AT series can be equipped with an integrated tire inflation system, so that you can find an optimal balance between footprint and traction on the field. Contact our specialists for an advice suited for your conditions!

Wheel options

The AT-range features a wide range of wheels options; depending on the model, the following options are available:

  • 1050/50R32
  • 1000/55R32
  • 1250/50R32
  • 1000/65R32
  • 900/60R42
  • Row-Crop wheels

Integrated tire inflation system

The AT-Series can be equipped with an integrated tire inflation system. This system is fully integrated into the machine controls, and can adjust the tire pressure according to the requirements. This ensures the best possible footprint of the machine, resulting in minimal soil damage and maximum traction. The system uses the on-board compressor, and is controlled via the Pilot Screen.

Adjustable front-wheel drive
Turning radius AT5105
Crab steering AT5104

Built to last

  • Robust chassis, designed for high peak loads
  • One-piece design from welded plates, not tubes
  • All components bolted onto the main chassis
  • Designed to carry heavy loads for efficient traction

Easy daily maintenance

  • Speed up the daily maintenance with the service center
  • Fuel and AdBlue filling points on one side of the machine
  • All oil and liquid levels in one overview
  • Easy acces to air filter and battery
  • Standard battery master switch


  • Large capacity coolers for maximum performance under harsh conditions
  • Standard reversible fan, cleaning interval adjustable via the Pilot Screen
  • Unique design with pre-filter cover and large cooler slats

Low cost of ownership

Simplicity and fit for purpose design result in a low cost of ownership. Throughout the lifespan of the machine, fuel and maintenance costs are a key factor. Thanks to the design of the mechanical driveline and its components, a low fuel consumption can be achieved. With the use of proven technology in both driveline and power unit, service- and maintenance costs can be minimized and result in a good value retention. Furthermore, the availability of parts worldwide prevents unnecessary downtime, therefore also reducing the cost of ownership.

Low fuel usage
Low maintenance
Proven components

Service and Parts - highly regarded service team

Our service team is available when needed, and in collaboration with your local Ploeger specialist we always work towards the most efficient solution for you. Our support- en field engineers are trained and up-to date with the latest information, but can also rely on years of experience in application machinery.

Besides our own Ploeger range, we also are the official partner for service and parts for TerraGator machines in Europe.

Discover the Ploeger service

  • Make nutrients available for the crop, save on artificial fertiliser
  • Reduction of GHG emissions and odour during application
  • Save an extra pass trough the field
  • Perfect distribution in both length and width
Nutrient Management Systems

Our solutions

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Ploeger Oxbo develops, manufactures, distributes and supports mechanized solutions for agricultural niche markets worldwide. We offer various equipment for dedicated market segments, such as application and forage, vegetables, fruit, seed corn and root crops. Did you for example know that nearly every stock of corn you see will touch a Ploeger or Oxbo harvester at some point troughout its lifetime? Below a glimpse of our product range:

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