LNMS - Liquid Nutrient Management

Manure, slurry and digestate application

Liquid Nutrient Management System

Utilising the most of the available nutrients in the form of manure, slurry and digestate is finding a balance between the time of application and the level of incorporation into the soil. With a Ploeger AT equipped with LNMS, both application an incorporation can be combined into one machine. Thanks to this combination, nitrogen losses can be minimised, resulting in optimal nutrient utilisation of crop and soil. Because the weight of the machine is not trailed, but carried by the AT, the machine has sufficient traction to incorporate all possible liquid nutrients directly into the soil. Together with the large flotation tires and permanent all wheel drive, this ensures that that the available nutrients are available for the crops, rather than emitted into the environment.

Direct incorporation also results in savings , as no extra tillage pass is required. With a Ploeger LNMS system, you can rely on a perfect and precise application in both length and width. Furthermore the step can be combined with the seeding of a cover crop, reducing the need for an extra pass on the field. With a wide range of wheels and easy to change applicators, the AT can be used throughout the whole growing season. Even for application in growing crops, our specialists can advise you with the best possible techniques.

Ploeger Nutrient Management

  • Make nutrients available for the crop, save on artificial fertiliser
  • Minimise nitrogen losses, maximise nutrient efficiency
  • Efficient application in growing crops
  • Save an extra pass trough the field
  • Perfect distribution in both length and width

Ploeger LNMS

  • Multifunctional, high capacity loading arm
  • Optimised manure flow
  • Large capacity tank with mixing function
  • Automated loading sequence
  • Automated unloading and headland control
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Precise application of nutrients start with a well designed machine, and a machine where the operator is in full control. The LNMS system is completely integrated in the AT controls, providing excellent control over the complete machine and application processes. The loading arm in combination with the optional SuperLoad technique ensures a short loading time of the tank. Once the tank is full, only one button switches the machine from loading to unloading mode and the machine is ready to go. With the pump turning in reverse direction, the slurry is transported to the applicator. The target application rates are automatically calculated using the working width- and speed. The pilot screen indicates the distance left with the current tank volume, so that the most efficient loading and unloading can be achieved, and the passes on the field can be minimised. Optionally the machine can be equipped with integrated precision farming technology, so that the application can be done using prescription maps or on-board NIRS analysis. The complete process is controlled using an advanced, but simple to use headland management system which is activated using the master switch on the joystick.


  • Large flotation wheels, standard all wheel driven
  • Optimal traction thanks to mechanical drive, and perfect balance between engine and CVT transmission
  • Full suspended cabin for optimal driver comfort
  • Logical control structure, easy to learn
  • Easy daily maintenance
  • Low fuel consumption
Nutrient application in all conditions

Regardless of your crop system, there is always a 3, 4 or 5-wheeled LNMS option that suits your conditions. Contact our specialists to discuss the possibilities!

LNMS Standard - Liquid nutrient application

Loading Arm

  • Multifunctional basic design with 160° reach
  • Full control via the joystick
  • Horizontal reach -2,75 m up to +4,50 m
  • Front support for AT4103 and AT5105

Perfect view on loading arm - full control via joystick
Load everywhere with 160° reach
Front Support

Optional SUPERLOAD system

  • 50 % faster loading thanks to the centrifugal pump in the loading arm
  • Optimal flow for high capacity pump with 10″ suction arm
  • Manure is pushed trough the cutter directly into the tank
  • Bypass system for maximum efficiency during all loading phases
  • System presets easy adjustable via the Pilot Screen
Loading arm options

Pump and Cutter

  • Standard Börger 9 m³/min lobe pump
  • Short loading time in combination with SuperLoad option
  • Vogelsang RotaCut with integrated debris- and stone collector
  • Variable pump rpm for precise rate controlling during unloading
  • Loading sequence: Loading arm → Cutter → Pump → Tank
  • Application sequence: Tank → Pump → Applicator

Börger pump, installed in an angle for excellent flow
Vogelsang RotaCut in front of pump
Standard 6" Front connection

Polyester Tank

  • Strength and stability thanks to integrated splash baffles in both length and width.
  • Lightweight design, and excellent corrosion protection
  • Laminated pipework, integrated in tank
  • AT4103 : 16 m³
  • AT5104 : 22 m³
  • AT5105 : 25 m³

Smooth and polished - Easy to clean
Manual and electronic tank volume gauge
Lightweight design and anti-corrosion


  • 3 point linkage system (CAT4)
  • Standard Walterscheid components
  • Integrated stabilizers; swaying or rigid operation
  • Standard trailer hitch
  • Precise settings during operation: Lift – Push – Float – Fixed
  • Automated headland sequence
  • Integrated hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic connections

CAT4 linkage for heavy applicators
Controls on the rear fender
Standard hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic connections for a wide range of applicators

Choose the applicator your crop and soil need:

Thanks to the refined design of the Ploeger AT with LNMS system, a wide range of applicators can be linked to the machine. This enables you to choose the right applicator in the right situation, contact our specialists to choose the right type for your conditions.


Arable injector - TinesMinimise nutrient losses with an arable injector with tines. The AT provides sufficient traction in all circumstances.


Arable injector - DiscsShallow injection, and perfect mix between nutrients, crop residues and soil. The high workings speeds are not a problem with an AT.


Arable injector - TrailedSave on passes trough the field with a trailed arable injector, combined with a cover crop seed drill.


Disc injectorMaximise the nitrogen availability for the crop with a disc injector. The refined electronics on the LNMS ensure quick en decent working.


Strip-Till injectorOptimise nitrogen use efficiency in row crops. The AT delivers the traction needed for the larger working depths.


Trailing shoe injectorWide working widths in combination with nitrogen efficiency. The AT provides stability for the large working widths.


Inter-row injectorBoost crop growth with a nutrient application in row crops. Equip the AT with row-crop wheels and you are ready to go.


Dribble barWide working widths, perfect distribution in both length and width. The rate control and pump capacity ensure enough flow.


Spray boomApplication of liquid lime and chalk at high speeds. Elongate your season with this applicator.

Precision Farming systems

As standard, the Ploeger LNMS are equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic system which controls the application rates based on the machine speed and application width. All important parameters can be set convenient via the 12″ Pilot Screen. Thanks to the TaskControl system, all relevant job data such as applied rate, worked surface and working time are stored in the system. The machines can optionally be equipped with FleetCommand, which enable remote acces to the machine data.

Precision farming is a crucial element in both application as in the complete nutrient cycle on the farm. We therefore believe that precision farming systems should be an integral part of the machine control system. However, collaboration with other processes on the farm is as crucial as  the integration itself. Therefore our control system can connect to a broad range of precision farming systems using the ISOBUS standard, so that there is always a solution that fits your needs.


Standard - Integrated precision farming systems

Ploeger - Rate Control
Ploeger - Jobs
Ploeger - FleetCommand

Optional - Integrated precision farming systems

(RTK)-GPS Steering systems
Application - prescription maps
Application - NIRS-technology


Umbilical injection systems provide a high capacity under the right circumstances. A self-propelled applicator provides multiple advantages in an umbilical system; the tank can be used as a buffer, so that a precise application is guaranteed at all times. Low soil impact and traction are guaranteed thanks to the weight distribution of a self-propelled machine, in combination with wide flotation tires. Furthermore, the standard pump and rate-control of the applicator stay intact, so that the feeding pump does not have to push the slurry trough the manure divider.

After detaching the draghose, the self-propelled applicator can directly be used as a stand-alone system. That means that for example small fields and headlands can be finished, while the draghose is reeled in by the support- and pump team.

Standard AT - Umbilical kit

With minor adaptations, a standard AT with LNMS can be used in an umbilical system. With special tubing, the slurry is transported directly into the standard tank of the machine, creating a large buffer in the system. The standard pump and rate control systems of the LNMS system are then used for the application of the slurry. This ensures an exact application at all times, and the machine can be used as a stand alone system in no-time.

AT - Umbilical LNMS

When capacity, traction and weight are crucial for your umbilical system, Ploeger can offer a dedicated LNMS system. This system has a small buffer tank, in combination with a swing arm. Thanks to this setup, precise application and perfect maneuverability can be ensured. The weight distribution, in combination with the AT mechanical drivetrain and CVT transmission, ensure traction in all circumstances.


Umbilical system - used Ploeger or TerraGator

Our fleet of used machines offers a perfect fit to create an umbilical system applicator. Contact us for the possibilities!

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