DNMS - Dry Nutrient Management

Compost, solids and sludge application

Dry Nutrient Management System

Keeping the organic matter levels of the soil on a good level is the key towards healthy soils and high yields. Efficient compost, solids and sludge application will be one of the key success factors to ensure consistent and high yields now and in the future. With a Ploeger AT equipped with DNMS, efficient, precise and high capacity application are combined into one machine. Because the weight of the machine is not trailed, but carried by the AT, the machine has sufficient traction to work under a broad range of conditions, maximising the application window. Together with the large flotation tires and permanent all wheel drive, this ensures minimum soil damage and maximum yields.

Ploeger Nutrient Management

  • Make nutrients available for the crop, save on artificial fertiliser
  • Keep the organic matter in the soil at the required levels
  • Perfect distribution in both length and width
  • Suitable for a wide variety of products

Ploeger DNMS

  • Simplicity and robust construction
  • Optimal driver comfort
  • Precise application
  • Perfect spreading pattern
  • Integrated precision farming systems
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Precise application of nutrients starts with a well designed machine, and a machine where the operator is in full control. The DNMS system is completely integrated in the AT controls, providing excellent control over the complete machine and application processes. The Ploeger AT with DNMS are equipped with a TEBBE box spreader. This proven and robust box is the ideal match thanks to its reliable components and precise application. The machine terminal can save various types of products and their specific parameters such as density and homogeneity, all with their own spreading characteristics. For an accurate application, the large spinners and beaters are hydraulically driven so that the rpm can be adjusted according to the product. In combination with the integrated loading cells on the machine and the automatically adjustable chain speed, gate opening and optional dual drive, all products are applied exactly where they need to be. Optionally, the machine can use prescription maps to apply the nutrients using the integrated precision farming systems.


  • Large flotation wheels, standard all wheel driven
  • Optimal traction thanks to mechanical drive, and perfect balance between engine and CVT transmission
  • Full suspended cabin for optimal driver comfort
  • Logical control structure, easy to learn
  • Easy daily maintenance
  • Low fuel consumption

DNMS Standard - Dry Nutrient Application

Accurate rate control

  • Target and actual rate displayed
  • Spinner and auger speed
  • Chain speed and gate opening
  • Actual load versus remaining meters
  • Product characteristics
  • All rates saved into the Task Control system


  • Calibrated onboard weighing system
  • HD link chain with self cleaning sprockets
  • Height adjustable gate
  • 16 tonnes box capacity AT4103
  • 25 tonnes box capacity AT5105

Heavy Duty Beater chain, transmission driven
Perfect weight distribution on all wheels
Perfect body integration on chassis

Calibrated onboard weighing system

  • Integrated into the Pilot Screen
  • Actual load displayed
  • Load counter, integrated in Task Controller
  • Easy calibration for precise application
  • Visual maximum load signal

Beaters and spinners

  • Double beaters with duplex chain drive
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Perfect spreading pattern with 120 cm spinners
  • Hardox wearing parts for low maintenance

Double beaters
Perfect spreading pattern
Large diameter spinners

Optional Dual Drive

  • Independent drive of beaters and spinners
  • Ideal for less homogeneous products
  • Broad adjustment range in working width and product distribution

Precision farming Systems

As standard, the Ploeger DNMS are equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic system which controls the application rates based on the machine speed and application width. All important parameters can be set convenient via the 12″ Pilot Screen. Thanks to the TaskControl system, all relevant job data such as applied rate, worked surface and working time are stored in the system. The machines can optionally be equipped with FleetCommand, which enable remote acces to the machine data.

Precision farming is a crucial element in both application as in the complete nutrient cycle on the farm. We therefore believe that precision farming systems should be an integral part of the machine control system. However, collaboration with other processes on the farm is as crucial as  the integration itself. Therefore our control system can connect to a broad range of precision farming systems, so that there is always a solution that fits your needs.


Ploeger - Rate Control
Ploeger - Jobs
Ploeger - Fleet Command

Optional - Integrated precision farming systems

(RTK)-GPS Steering systems
Variable rate application
Task summary export

Premium used machines

Our fleet of used machines offers a great opportunity to start with exact application of dry nutrients. Contact us for the possibilities!

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