DFNMS - Dry Fertiliser Nutrient Management

Dry fertilisers, lime and gypsum application

Dry Fertiliser Nutrient Management System

The story of the application machinery with flotation tires has started with machines designed for dry fertilizers. Accurate and efficient application will be one of the key success factors to ensure consistent and high yields now and in the future. With a Ploeger AT equipped with DFNMS, efficient, precise and high capacity application are combined into one machine. Because the weight of the machine is not trailed, but carried by the AT, the machine has sufficient traction to work under a broad range of conditions, maximising the application window. Together with the large flotation tires and permanent all wheel drive, this ensures minimum soil damage and maximum yields.

Ploeger Nutrient Management

  • Make nutrients available for the crop, save on artificial fertiliser
  • Utilise the full application window
  • Perfect distribution in both length and width
  • Suitable for a wide variety of products

Ploeger DFNMS

  • Simplicity and robust construction
  • Optimal driver comfort
  • All-wheel drive for minimum soil disturbance
  • Low soil compaction
  • Precise application
  • Perfect spreading pattern
  • Integrated precision farming systems
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Precise application of nutrients starts with a well designed machine, and a machine where the operator is in full control. The DFNMS system is completely integrated in the AT controls, providing excellent control over the complete machine and application processes. The Ploeger AT with DFNMS comes in three variants; all tailored to the local situations and available nutrients. Regardless of the chosen system, accurate application is the key objective in the DFNMS range. The rate controls are integrated into the machine systems, so that the products are applied exactly where they need to be. Together with the calibrated on-board weighing system you are always in full control of the application rate. Optionally, the machine can use prescription maps to apply the nutrients using the integrated precision farming systems.

DFNMS options

The Ploeger DFNMS systems come in three variants, each with their own specialism. Contact our specialists to learn which superstructure fits the needs for your operation.

AT-Series : Designed for driver comfort and simplicity

  • Large flotation wheels, standard all wheel driven
  • Optimal traction thanks to mechanical drive, and perfect balance between engine and CVT transmission
  • Full suspended cabin for optimal driver comfort
  • Logical control structure, easy to learn
  • High field and application speeds (+30 km/h)
  • Easy daily maintenance
  • Low fuel consumption

Bredal Box spreader - Lime and Fertiliser application

Bredal Box

  • Precise rate control thanks to dedicated control system
  • Accurate distribution with variable adjustable belt and spinner speed
  • Pre-sets for wide range of materials
  • Stainless steel box for optimal weight distribution
  • Spreading fertiliser or lime with dedicated spreading aggregates
  • 16 tonnes box capacity AT4103

Precise rate control via the pilot screen
All-wheel drive
Variable belt- and spinner speed

Spreading aggregate

  • Fertiliser spreading aggregate with working widths up to 36 metres
  • Quadruple overlap system for accurate spreading pattern
  • Optional headland system for accurate application near field boundaries
  • Lime spreading aggregate with working widths up to 16 metres
  • Application rate up to 1600 kg/minute

AccuAir System - Pneumatic Boom Spreader

  • Precise rate control thanks to calibrated onboard weighing system
  • Stainless steel 16 tonnes box, 21 metres application width
  • Chassis mounted tank has separate hoppers to precisely meter the products according to the needs of each section
  • Better control of application rates, spread width and particle size for less waste and less environmental impact
  • Three product reservoirs for variable bin ratio provide optimal mixing and distribution of granular product

Three product reservoirs, including micronutrient bin
Precise rate control via the pilot screen and separate drives
Large capacity blower for perfect spreading pattern

Pneumatic Boom

  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless boom with stainless diverters
  • 21 metres application width, 26 diverters
  • Hydraulic boom suspension with breakaway tips and hydraulic fold
  • Large volume blower for perfect spreading pattern, regardless of weather conditions

New Leader box spreader

New Leader Box

  • Precise rate control thanks to dedicated control system
  • Accurate distribution with variable adjustable belt and spinner speed
  • Automatic feedgate and fan frame control, standard boundary spreading sytem
  • Pre-sets for wide range of materials
  • Stainless steel box for optimal weight distribution and wear resistance

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The AT 4103 AccuApply combination unit utilizes the LFNMS AccuSpray and DFNMS New Leader dry box to give you a combination unit capable of spreading both liquid and dry fertilizer to maximize your resources! A true three season applicator for pre-plant, post-emergent and post-harvest use.

Changes easily from one type to another without using a crane – disconnect and drive away!


Precision farming systems

As standard, the Ploeger DFNMS are equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic system which controls the application rates based on the machine speed and application width. All important parameters can be set convenient via the 12″ Pilot Screen. Thanks to the TaskControl system, all relevant job data such as applied rate, worked surface and working time are stored in the system. The machines can optionally be equipped with FieldCommand and FleetCommand, which enable remote acces to the machine data.

Precision farming is a crucial element in both application as in the complete nutrient cycle on the farm. We therefore believe that precision farming systems should be an integral part of the machine control system. However, collaboration with other processes on the farm is as crucial as  the integration itself. Therefore our control system can connect to a broad range of precision farming systems, so that there is always a solution that fits your needs.


Ploeger - Rate Control
Ploeger - Jobs
Ploeger - Fleetcommand

Optional - Integrated precision farming systems

(RTK)-GPS Steering systems
Variable rate application
Task summary export

Premium used machines

Our fleet of used machines offers a great opportunity to start with exact application of dry nutrients. Contact us for the possibilities!

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